Basic Eco was founded on the sole principle that preserving the planet should be of upmost priority. We envision promoting a widescale ecologically conscientious mindset, with the purpose of preventing further harm to our eco-system. Our aim is to help rectify some of these issues by trading off conventional products, with eco-friendly alternatives that help reduce consumer waste production. At Basic Eco, we pride ourselves by providing high quality products that are not only aesthetic and durable, but also environmentally friendly and sustainable. Not only is making the switch to reusable products cost effective, this small change also significantly minimizes overall global waste production.

Help reduce the impacts of our global carbon footprint by switching to reusable and sustainable products.

Say goodbye to single use products that harm the planet all while keeping money in your pockets!

Why buy a reusable water bottle?

• Reusable bottles can hold twice as much water as the average plastic bottle, meaning you get more quantity all while saving money through each refill.

The average person drinks four bottles a day, therefore using refillable bottles can save you 1,460 bottles a year.

Reusable water bottles reduces the plastic load on landfills, seas, streams and other places where plastic waste is generated.

Cleansing with disposable cotton rounds at least twice a day in the morning and evening, will rid you of nearly 1000 wasted cottons pads a year.

Switching to reusable bamboo cotton rounds is an easy, cost-effective and sustainable alterative that will reduce your home's overall waste production. Our pads are not only tear resistant and highly absorbent, they also wipe off products seamlessly, all while being gentle on the skin.


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